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I am Sam Willy and I went through immense pain but in fact still I am going through that pain but it is under control through morning and evening walk and yoga. Thank God, I got a solution. I have started sitting at office desk chair for 8 hours and now the damage is done to my lower back and left knee abd in medical language these are called as lumber spondylitis and Osteoarthritis respectively.

I have started a desk job in 2005 and no one was there to tell me the importance of body movement (exercise) and gradually lower back pain started, and as everybody does, I ignored it and after couple of years the pain was exaggerated because my lower back pain has turned into lumber spondlytics. After few years I also got entangled with OA knee (Osteoarthritis knee). Then my journey started to visit clinics and hospital to get rid of pain. I have consulted various doctors, orthopedic surgeons with xrays, MRI reports etc but unfortunately there is no treatment to totally eliminate these diseases because damage is already done.

I have tried various medicinal treatments like Allopathic, Homeopathic, and Aurvedic. Finally I got rid 80% of pain through daily morning an evening walk, Yoga, and with supplements like cod liver oil capsules, calcium supplements, Vitamin D3, Chondrolitin, Glucosamine and MSM.

Currently my age is 40 years and I have reduced the desk job to 3 to 4 hours a day. Whenever my sitting hours increases my Knee and back pain elevates. Contradictory, if I avoid sitting on a chair for couple of days then my pain vanishes.

The bottom line of telling my story is most of us have a desk job and sitting on an idle chair for 6 to 8 hours without breaks will lead to serious health issues.  If you are behind desk and sitting for minimum 8 hours then i strongly recommend to be active and start by replacing your office desk chair to exercise ball chair (also called as office ball chair) or standing desk or treadmill or walking desk.

Over the years i have seen that most of our lives have moved from active to sedentary style and this is adversely impacting our lives in professional and personal lives and this is proved through various research organizations.

This website came into existence to spread awareness that sitting at one place for prolonged hours would impact professional and personal lives through pains and various diseases. So start moving and be active.

I have started writing to motivate people to come out of sedentary life and lead a active life by taking right steps at right time to stay fit and healthy and live a happy life.

People having office desk job are part of this sedentary life and I believe this site will help them to start a active life.

Thanking you
Sam Willy
My Mission
About me
To spread  a message of reducing sitting long hours and stay fit and healthy life. My motivate is to inspire people all over the world to break sedentary life style and live a healthier and hence happier life.
Its all about how you Sit and Stay fit
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