Why there is a need to replace your idle desk Chair with exercise ball chair?
But we spend 8 to 10 hours sitting either for professional and personal activities at home so the solution for this is getting something to sit which can make you to move, bounce, stretch etc and answer to this is Exercise Ball Chair. Other options are treadmill desk and standing desk.
Sitting is bad for even lean people. For instance, sitting in your chair after a meal leads to high blood sugar spikes, whereas getting up after you eat can cut those spikes in half. Read top 10 risks associated by sitting long hours.
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Statistics about "How people are affected by sitting worldwide - USA, UK, Canada and other countries
Ideally speaking, office desk chair are used in every office from years but after usage of years now these office desk chairs are creating problems for most of us.

Office chair gives immense pain if it is used for longer duration without taking care of our body. How people are getting affected by sititng for long hours.
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Believe me, I went through that pain but in fact still I am going through that pain but it is under control through morning and evening walk and yoga. Thank God, I got a solution. I have started sitting on office desk chair for 8 hours and now the damage is done to my lower back and left knee name them in medical language, lumber spondylitis and Osteoarthritis.
What exactly happens if you sit at one place without any movement?
Do you have desk job? Then check you BMI here and find whether you are healthy weight, overweight or obese. Overweight and or obesity invite series of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and more.
Sitting at one location without any movement slows down digestion process because lack of movement reduces metabolism. Slowing metabolism means slowing of digestion process this in turn reduces the amount of food that is converted to energy and thus promoting fat accumulation. Fat accumulation leads to overweight and obesity. Basically it is observed that people having desk job are prone to overweight and obesity. The slow metabolism is one of the major reasons for putting on weight.
My Painful story
I have tried various medicinal treatments like Allopathic, Homeopathic, and Aurvedic. Finally I got rid 80% of pain through daily morning an evening walk, Yoga, and with supplements like cod liver oil capsules, calcium supplements, Vitamin D3, Chondrolitin, Glucosamine and MSM. (If you are looking for these supplements then you visit this online store (insert Amazon affiliate link))

Currently my age is 40 years and I have reduced the desk job to 3 to 4 hours a day. Whenever my sitting hours increases my Knee and back pain elevates. Contradictory, if I avoid sitting on a chair for couple of days then my pain vanishes.

The bottom line of telling my story is people having a desk job and sitting on an idle chair for 6 to 8 hours need to take care of their health. So to start, they can replace their office desk chair to exercise ball chair and start the body movement.
Solution - One of the solutions is Replacing office your idle office chair to Exercise Ball office chair
If you are using traditionally office chair then try replacing it with Exercise Ball chair and feel the difference. It is also called as Office Ball Chair. 
If you are doing desk job at home or spend considerable time sitting at home then try replacing at home as well. Replace at one location and see the difference and then replace another one. 

According to various researchers and studies in United States, just replacing the traditional chair with Exercise Ball chair may not be enough to declare that you may not encounter any pain or disease but in fact you need to follow some stretching exercise on that chair to stay away from pain and other diseases.
The following researches and studies are saying much more then this:-
I have started a desk job in 2005 and no one was there to tell me the importance of body movement (exercise) and gradually lower back pain started, and as likely everybody does, I ignored it
and after couple of years the pain was exaggerated because my lower back pain has turned into lumber spondlytics. After few years I also got entangled with OA knee (Osteoarthritis knee). Then my journey started to visit clinics and hospital to get rid of pain. I have consulted various doctors, orthopedic surgeons with xrays, MRI reports etc.
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If you have desk job and going for morning and evening exercise then it is fine or else sooner or later you are prone to various pains like Back, neck, shoulder, knee and these diseases are called as Lumber Spondlytics, Survical Spondylitcs, Oestoporises, arthiritis and these diseases are not 100% curable but pain and flexibility can be bought through yoga and exercise or you need to take pain killer to control pains.
One of the best solutions to stay fit and healthy is daily walk, jog or run. As the old saying goes -Eat anything and run daily.
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Its all about how you Sit and Stay fit
Its all about how you Sit and Stay fit
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