Why sitting on an exercise ball chair instead of office chair is right?
What happens when you sit at stationary office chair or home chair for long hours
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What happens when you start using Exercise Ball chair instead of idle office chair
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Another very easy solution towards body movement is use of Exercise Ball chair instead of traditional idle chair. Other two ways are Standing desk and Walking desk or TreadMill desk.
Pretty much everyone who working sitting for long hours either at office or at home might have heard the news: Sitting eight hours a day is killing you. Maybe it's not killing you today, but various studies and researches shows that sitting is detrimental to your health, even if you try to counter-balance it with exercise in your spare time.
Have you ever imagined how many hours do you sit?
Lets calculate:-
The office job - minimum 40 hours per week. Right? NO? More than that? Office job is viewed as a safe alternative to physically demanding work but one aspect of working at a desk can be particularly harmful to your health.

In addition to 40 hours sedentary in office, your drive to work and back to home, time you spend in front of Television, the time you spend for other leisure activities at home. So count on..!
It’s important to understand just how seriously this behavior can affect you, because the threat is very real and its significant based on researches. There are four categories of health that studies show sitting too long can impact - cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
When you work at any desk job that requires long hours sitting at a computer - it is very easy to stay in that one position for eight to nine working hours every day.

The problem is not sitting in front of computers but not taking break is a big problem. Due to professional commitment we all are tend to sit for long hours and we forget to stand up and take a break every after one hour.
Sitting for four or five hour straight is big concern and it affects our health and it is proved by various research and educational institutions.  Growing international scientific research evidence concludes that excessive and prolonged sitting (irrespective of your level of physical activity) can lead to dreadful 10 risks for those sitting above 8 - 10 hours per day.
The human body was never designed to be crammed into a chair where all of its cellular mechanisms get shut off. The nature of the human body was to be active and moving all day. This very unnatural sitting posture is bad for your back, your wrists, your arms, and your metabolism. Also it is worth to take a look at how people all over the world are getting affected by sitting long hours with statistical data.
The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) published its research findings in the European Heart Journal showing that for 4,757 participants in the study, short periods of light activity - even just a minute at a time - could reduce waistline, increase levels of good cholesterol, and even increase insulin resistance.
Exercise Ball chair is active chair and also called as Dynamic chair which is constantly making you to align your body. You can wobble, bounce and otherwise engage your muscles as you sit, this will keep your body active compared to sitting on traditional office chair.
Following are 8 main reasons to use Exercise Ball chair instead of stationary Office desk chair.
Apart from being fun to bounce around on while working on computer it has few others, read on. It is very much possible to take out the ball from chair and use for stretches and place it back into frame without any tools and this is what most of the fitness conscious people adopt.
So, now that you know sitting on a chair for several hours at a stretch is really very bad.
The below subsection will explain how exercise ball chair will help us to do body movement.
1) Better Posture
Using an exercise ball chair may seem easy, but it's pretty challenging on your muscles because your body is use to be stagnate for hours since. Make sure you use the proper size ball so that you're able to reach your keyboard and see your screen with proper alignment. Start off with sitting for a half hour and gradually build up to sitting all day and check these 7 benefits of replacing your office chair with an Exercise Ball chair.

For a little more stability, you might find it easier to use Gaiam's Balance Ball Chair ($79) that includes a balance ball and a base that prevents the ball from rolling away.
In short an Exercise Ball chair bounces, wobbles, and tilts in order to avoid the hazardous inactive position that has been found to cause all kinds of problems. What’s more, these modern desk chairs increase productivity too. More concentration, focus, less physical strain and a more active attitude help you get the work done.

On the other side, if you want to stay fit in your busy office schedule then Exercise Ball chair will help you at office as well as at home to perform body stretches.  So to overcome fatal diseases that may arise due to prolonged sitting, we can make an effort to break up long sitting hours; and, we can try to be active by using an exercise ball chair instead of, or in addition to, an office chair.

Some people even try using Standing desk and Walking desk or TreadMill desk in addition to traditional desk and chair. They use these methods alternatively and they have seen great results.

The objective is to avoid sitting long hours without breaks.
I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to install a timer, to remind me to get up every one hour, on my tablet, smart phone, laptop, desktop and take a 5 minute walk. It may not sound like much, but those breaks could literally save your life.
Sitting on a chair requires no muscle activity at all and it actually hurts us for a number of reasons, says John P. Porcari, PhD, FACSM, exercise physiologist at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse. “For one, people tend to slouch and use poor posture, and sitting in a chair puts your abs on ‘slack’ and decreases core strength.
Various studies claim that sitting at traditional office chair for prolonged hours creates back pain and this is due to non movement of your spine. Using exercise Ball chair gives you option to bounce and do movement of your body in addition to few stretches you can adopt while sitting on it.
2) Inspiration to Stretch
Let's face it - although you're using the ball as a piece of furniture, it's still a piece of exercise equipment. So you can't sit on it without being inspired to do some stretches or strengthening moves. Worth to take a look at four stretches to do at office.
3) Reduced Damage from Sitting
A desk job often means sitting in the same position, hour after hour, but you should be aware that staying sedentary for so long could be lethal. It's easy to slump into your seat and stay in one spot, but when sitting on an unstable ball, it often rolls when you make the smallest shift in weight, which forces you to change your position often to prevent falling off.

This added movement averages out to an extra 30 calories burned per day.
4) Using an exercise ball as a chair
Using an exercise ball doesn't automatically result in better posture; you have to remain aware of your body and maintain a straight spine. And due to bubbly nature of the ball chair you are tend you move your body instead of keeping stagnant at one place and this helps a lot in long run.
5) You can BOUNCE on the chair when a nice song comes on or when your browser is loading or any application is opening. Replace your wait time in front of the desk to bounce time on an exercise ball chair and it will provide at least some movement to your body compared to sedentary office desk chair.

6). Body movement on Exercise ball chair will take out a fatigue which comes due to prolonged sitting without any movement on a stationary office chair.

7). Tiredness that comes by sitting on stationary office or home chair can be removed by doing few good stretches on exercise ball chair. Performing few stretches on exercise ball chair will rejuvenate you either sitting at home or office.

8). Exercise on the spot! What else one should expect from this revolutionary product by sitting long hours sitting either office or at home.
How many hours you are spending sitting on a chair in a week? Find out using Sitting Calculator
What is the solution for this?
Using an exercise ball counteracts both of these things.” Although you can still use poor posture on a ball, sitting properly requires subtle muscle contractions of the core, hip and leg muscles to maintain balance, which contribute to muscle tone.
Its all about how you Sit and Stay fit
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